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Ultimate Client Success Stories

Real Estate Investment Finance are working tirelessly to ensure the most suitable outcomes for our property and finance clients. Below are a few of our favourite case studies that we wanted to share as our social proof. The names for the clients in the below case studies have not been revealed for their privacy. If you're interested in achieving similar results, feel free to reach out on the details below or click on the links provided to get in contact with us!

Self-employed clients saved $38,000 upon refinance


The self-employed clients in mention held almost $2 million in combined lending. This was dispersed across three properties and a multitude of lenders. The clients were seeking support for their complex situation.


Following a consultation with a REIF Finance Specialist, they discovered that their combined lending was 4.2 per cent higher than the average for their situation. This put the clients at a disadvantage to achieving their finance goals sooner, and compromised their security from lenders.



After reviewing their financial situation, a REIF Finance Specialist was able to audit their panel of over 40 lenders to determine a suitable result for the clients.



After advancing with the strategy proposed by our Finance Specialist, the clients were able to achieve $17,000 in cash-back incentives from their financial institutions. They also had their interest rate cut to 2.6 per cent. Additionally, they amassed $21,500 in savings per annum.

Cashflow positive investment: $13,000 per annum savings and $200 a week to spare


These clients had a lending portfolio of $1,000,000. This lending was tied to mortgages and car loans with an interest rate averaging 2.8 per cent higher than the average for their combined lending.



Following a comprehensive review, REIF were able to refinance the clients lending. During this process they identified the useable equity within their portfolio with secure lending.

Our acquisitions team sourced a desirable dual living option within a high demand location with high market forecasts to ensure a new stream of income to complement the client's assets.


The consolidation of the previous lending position, combined with a healthier interest rate contributed to annual savings of $13,500 for the clients. REIF were able to grow the client’s investment portfolio with useable equity to secure a property with capital growth and supercharge their cashflow from day one.


The property will produce an additional $200 worth of funds for the owners each week, after costs. REIF also supported a further cash-out of $20,000 for their mortgage offset as to embrace financial contentedness.

First home buyers buy 3 properties in 2 months and amass $265K in INSTANT equity!


Prior to consulting with REIF, the client’s wanted to purchase their first home but were unsure on where to start. They engaged the services of REIF after receiving a recommendation through their network.

The client’s position was conservative with $250,000 in available funds to support their goals.

Solution/ Results:

In the onboarding process, REIF were able to establish the needs of the clients after doing a holistic analysis and fact find. Once this was established, the clients were appointed a REIF Property and Finance Specialist who could best support their circumstances.

The clients were eligible to incorporate the First Homeowner’s Grant of $15,000 and the Federal Government Home Builder Grant of $25,000.  

Integrating these grants within the client’s position represented the ability to acquire a property in an ideal location with a positive future forecast as a strong investment.

REIF sourced a suitable property option in a high-growth corridor of South East Queensland. The property investment analysis predicted marketability and solid foundations for the clients to create a future portfolio.

Furthermore, the eligibility of Government grants and affordability meant that the clients were able to retain their initial deposit of $250,000 and utilise the incentive funds in their purchase.

Within a short period of a month, they were able to return to REIF for their next property and enquire on an additional investment option. With the savings initially retained, they purchased a duplex in another area forecasted for substantial growth. The property came prequalified for subdivision, composing two separate dwellings to draw income.

Upon settlement and from the initial expression of interest on this property, the investment cultivated an equity uplift of $265,000 upon the initial purchase price.

Furthermore, the equity has enabled the deposit to be funded relinquishing the client's own funds from the purchase.

19-year-old investor makes $284,000 in equity from two investment properties


When initially introduced to Real Estate Investment Finance, this Sydney-based client was 19 years of age (in 2018). The client was a casual retail worker who’d saved a significant nest of savings over several years. After identifying that they wanted to invest their savings into real estate, the client approached the services of REIF to facilitate their needs.

Solution/ Results:

The client initially participated in REIF’s onboarding process. Our expert wealth creation team worked with the client to analyse their long-term financial goals.

Several properties were proposed to the client by one of our Property Specialists; based on a borrowing capacity already determined by an REIF Finance Broker. The properties introduced to the client had locational benefits and were forecasted for capital growth. The property that they chose was a townhouse located approximately 17kms from the Brisbane CBD.

The client’s Finance Specialist was re-engaged in the sale process to lodge a home loan application. They presented the client with a range of home loan products suited to their needs. Once the consumer selected a product to proceed with, the Specialist facilitated all the consumer's home loan documentation in a timely, stress-free manner.

The client was left to read and sign-off on the application if they were satisfied, which they were. The home loan application was submitted and approved by the chosen lender on the first submission.

Since the completion of their property over three years ago, the client has seen an $84,000 uplift in their townhouse’s value. Recently, they’ve been able to use this uplift to purchase a second investment property to add to their portfolio. The recently purchased property was a dual living house and land located in the fast-growing investment hotspot, Logan Reserve. This dual living property is still not completed, and the client has already made instant equity on it, valuing $200,000.

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