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REIF Investment

Real Estate Investment Finance (REIF) are a renowned Property Investing Company. No matter whether you’re a starting investor or a savvy property investor looking to expand your portfolio; we’re here to help.

REIF source appropriate investment opportunities that align with your long-term goals and strategy to get there. Additionally, our real estate investment service is tailored to suit your needs.

When buying an investment property with us, your journey will start with our Property Acquisitions department. They're responsible for sourcing the best investment properties throughout the Australian property market. These properties are then delivered to our Property Specialists, who'll then present you with the most suitable options from your pre-determined needs.

If you require financial assistance, they’ll work with your Finance Specialist to determine how your financial and investment opportunity will align.

During the construction journey, you’ll be supported by our Contracts Administration and Client Journey Specialists. They’ll provide you with updates on the progress of your investment property and consult with relevant stakeholders for you.

​Once the build of your new investment property is complete, we’ll continue supporting you to continue building wealth for your future.

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Investment Properties

REIF offer a variety of real estate investment opportunities to investors. We source property for a variety of investment strategies and long-term wealth creation goals.

First Time Investors

REIF are helping first time investors to invest in real estate. 

SMSF Investment Properties

There are many benefits of buying real estate through your SMSF. We have a team of Finance and Property experts who are well versed in the SMSF investment lending space.

Savvy Investors

It doesn't matter if you own one or twenty properties, REIF are helping a diverse range of investors. We take a holistic approach in understanding your goals and which property(ies) are going to help you get there.

What Our Clients Say

TOMISLAV, Property Investor

... I owe the purchase of my 5th Investment property solely on the services provided by Duncan and his team who suggested that I enquire about break costs to a fixed loan that I had with ANZ. As a result I was able to access equity at no cost to myself, refinance my whole portfolio and save 11k a year across all my loans. Not only that, I was able to get into the market 18 months before I would’ve been able to otherwise and before that 18 months has expired my investment has already grown in value. I am now looking forward to the purchase of my 6th property. Anyone who understands investing will be able to see the value and the opportunity cost associated with being able access finance sooner rather then later and the compounding effect associated with that. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

DAN, Property Investor

Excellent service all round. Daniel has been in contact with me for quite a number of months whilst going down the path of obtaining finance as I had to jump through a couple of hurdles and he has been there every step of the way when he didn't have to be. Now David and Duncan have found me the perfect property for my first investment that I am over the moon with an looking forward to the next few stages of the investment process with the REIF team. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.

STEVEN, Property Investor

David and his team are highly recommended! They have helped us finance the purchase of an investment property in NSW...They have been very helpful throughout the building process and organised agents, building inspectors etc to get our property ready for leasing. Will definitely be using them again.

AARON, Property Investor

David and his team are professional, articulate, truthful and trustworthy. They went above and beyond in arranging finances for multiple properties. They're steadfastness in getting things done, made me go back to them time and time again. I just didn't want that good work to stop with me, so started referring my friends to reap that benefit. One thing for sure is that they'll never let you down.

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