Real Estate Investment Finance (REIF) are a Finance and Property group who specialise in helping others to own and build wealth through property. We’re operating throughout Australia with specialists located in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

REIF are helping clients to achieve their full financial potential by educating them to implement specialised sophisticated, safe, and effective financial structures to ultimately achieve their lifestyle goals.

We provide end-to-end service for all our clients. REIF sort out the paperwork and negotiate with lenders in a timely and stress-free manner. Whether you’re a home buyer, property investor, or in need of financial services – we’re here to help!

Our Team 

David Chehade

Founder & CEO

David is at the forefront of the REIF Group, a multinational endeavour that pursues his mission of helping others to achieve the dream of owning and building wealth through property. He takes pride in REIF’s growth and success, and this is displayed in the amass of awards REIF has achieved ranging from Top 11 Brokerages in Australia, Independent Broker Office of the Year Finalist, Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Business of the Decade Finalist and Business Growth amongst other awards.

David is passionate and enthusiastic about all his life ventures and collaborates successfully with his close-knit team who follow his vision.


Reece McGill-Camplin

Finance & Property Specialist

Reece specialises in SMSF and complex lending and has a keen eye for the property market. He can support his clients in both property and finance by creating ideal solutions to meet their needs.

Reece is from the Sunshine Coast region and enjoys expanding his knowledge in everything life has to offer.


Adam Clark

Finance Specialist

Adam has worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and is committed to providing relevant and customised financial solutions for his clients. He has had extensive experience in finance and loan structuring, budget planning, as well as property investment.

Adam loves football and is a Broncos supporter. He also enjoys family time.


Guilmar Perez

Sydney Property Specialist

Guilmar has extensive experience in wealth creation strategies and property investment. He is passionate about ensuring that money is working for his clients based on their needs, aspirations, and challenges. He is well versed in the property market and ensures to deliver the best results for his investor clients.

Guilmar is passionate about health and keeping fit. He also enjoys Latin dancing during his free time.


Anabella Vides

Brisbane Property Specialist

Anabella has a diverse background in architecture, real estate, and business development; She combines all these skills to assist our client’s. She is passionate about understanding people’s needs and sourcing the perfect solution. She is a hard worker who thrives on making her clients happy.

Anabella loves nature and travel, and she gets a lot of satisfaction by making a positive impact on people’s lives.


Madison Robinson

Client Services Specialist

Madison has an extensive background in client-centric roles and has excellent communication skills. She is adaptable to managing differentiating client needs and is the first point of contact for our clients and business partners here at REIF.

Madison enjoys adventure and spending time with her loved ones. She is also a soccer and tennis fantastic with a love for crafts.


Eliza Wilson

Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Eliza has a Bachelor Degree in Media and Communication and a Certificate III in Business Administration. She also has experience in social media, digital marketing, and content creation. Eliza likes to communicate accurate, researched, and engaging information.

Eliza enjoys cooking and travelling to new places. She also likes to research and advocate for mental health.


Jake Sewell

National Sales Manager

Jake is highly accomplished property and finance expert who is dedicated to strong outcomes whether it be for individual investors and homeowners to large businesses and their clients. Jake is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of forward thinking innovative leadership driven by a client-focused emphasis. Just like the entire team at REIF, he is a strong proponent of practising what you preach and has been investing in property for many years.

Jake is a sports fanatic and loves spending time with his family


Duncan Ahlin

Finance & Property Specialist

Duncan has a passion for helping people to navigate their finances. He is also passionate about sourcing all our property clients (whether investor, owner-occupied or first home buyers) with the most suitable property for their needs.
Duncan believes life is about balance and spends his free time with family. He also loves that outdoors and keeping fit. Duncan is bi-lingual and well-travelled.


Paul Stafford

Brisbane Property Specialist

Paul is a sales management professional with over 25 years’ experience helping clients determine their needs and providing solutions to their problems. He has a background in military engineering and has a strong emphasis on fine details. Much of his efforts are dedicated to client analysis, research and providing exceptional service.

Paul loves playing golf and taking his caravan around the country to discover wonderful places. He has also been knighted.


Villy Mezensoff

Melbourne Property Specialist

Villy has worked in the finance and investment space for more than two decades. As a fully licensed agent, he has ample knowledge and experience with educating Australians on how to invest in property for the long term.

Villy has been investing in property for as long as he’s been working in the investment space. He’s an avid believer of practicing what you preach.


Georgia Sims

Operations Specialist

Georgia oversees the operations division of REIF by supporting the whole of the team. She has a very client centric focus and a willingness to also be of service. She is the “go to” in the business for everything REIF.
Georgia has a keen eye for detail and is incredibly savvy with technology.


Pam Ahlin

Mortgage Loan Processor

Pam supports our Finance Specialists here at REIF by reviewing and completing loan documents before submitting them to the lenders and working with clients to ensure their applications aren’t missing a beat.