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You need to view money positively and here's why!

Updated: May 19, 2022

At Real Estate Investment Finance, we're about finance and property! We love money and the potential it has in improving people's future. Financial independence is a form of security that most people aspire to achieve at some stage in their life. Simply because it provides them or their families with financial security, to live a prosperous life!

If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that REIF aren't just about finance and property. We promote healthy mindsets and are firm believers that a healthy mindset goes hand in hand with creating wealth.

We understand that not everyone has a positive perception of money or wealth. Whether related to hardships in life or being attributed to detrimental situations. However, it's important to recognise it. Once you can recognise this perception you have the power to alter your view and move forward.

Let's face it - money plays a huge role in our day to day lives. It keeps a roof over our head and food on the table. Although some struggle more than others, it manifests the perfect opportunity to do something about it to make wealth grow and work to benefit you! Identifying this opportunity will then make it a whole lot easier for you to create success and improve your wellbeing.

Whether you want to achieve financial independence or financial security, we're going to share a few of our simple strategies that you can implement if you want to alter your perception of money into a positive one!

Set goals

What do you want to achieve with money? It doesn't have to be one thing, in fact it could be dozens.

Setting goals are important to helping you achieve more abundance and financial wealth

When you acknowledge your desires you're able to set finance related goals to achieve them. What we find that works best in being able to set financial goals is writing down what you want to achieve. Then for each desire, you set SMART goals for them. Write them down and track them as you go to see how you progress.

SMART goals are an effective mindset tool that have been proven time and again to help people visualise and achieve their goals. To learn more about SMART goals, check out this article from

Optimise your budget

A common misheld view is that budgets are a strict tool that prevent people from spending money on things that they enjoy.

Yes, while budgets provide a form of structure and control over your finances, you need to be lenient and allow for occasional spending on things that you enjoy and bring you happiness. If you can budget a small amount of your earnings for the things that you enjoy like going out for dinner or getting your nails done, budgeting will feel less like a chore and more like a reasonable habit.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Leading on from optimising your budget, it's important to create attainable goals that you, yourself can follow! So often we get sucked up comparing our finances to that of others. The reality is, while someone may look like they're living an extravagant lifestyle, you don't really know the true details of their finances. In fact, their extravagant lifestyle may be resulting in debts that they're not actually revealing.

It's so important to be content with your own accomplishments and keep creating wealth for your own benefit.

Practice gratitude

Whenever you're feeling down, a great way to improve your mindset in any circumstance is to practice gratitude. At REIF this is something we love to do!

A few gratitude practices that you can implement include; having a weekly gratitude jar where you write down one thing that you're grateful for and writing down a few affirmations each day in a gratitude diary.

For more information

If you're looking to create wealth and review your finances, please reach out! We would love to be able to assist you with your enquiries. Our details are provided below.

Ph: 1300 130 932


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