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How we helped first home buyers purchase 3 properties in 2 months & amass $265K in instant equity!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

If the 2020-2021 financial year taught us anything, it was that there was no better time for finance and property. With mass incentives and stimulus measures introduced to support first home buyers, it created the perfect climate for people to enter into the Australian property market.

As a business, Real Estate Investment Finance have been able to assist a record number of first home buyers with taking advantage of what was on offer. It was during this time that we were able to assist clients achieve results that we have never seen before.

This has inspired us to share one of the greatest success stories that REIF has been able to achieve. Furthermore, delivering on our purpose of helping others achieve the dream of owning and building wealth through property.

How we helped first home buyers purchase 3 properties in 2 months & amass $265K in instant equity

Now, you've probably read that title and thought, "how on earth is that even possible?"

Well, REIF are firm believers that anything is possible. This scenario only confirmed this belief and we're going to share how we were able to make this happen and put these clients in a better position, financially.

Understanding their finance background

Prior to consulting REIF, the clients in mention wanted to purchase their first home. Like most first home buyers, they were unsure of where to start.

**HOT TIP: if you're in this position, we highly recommend downloading a free copy of our eBook - Guide To Buying Your First Home**

Thanks to a recommendation in a close network they soon consulted us. It's important to note that when they first reached out to REIF, these clients already accrued a conservative sum of savings ($250,000) to support their purchase.

Providing a valuable solution

Just like everyone who goes through our onboarding journey, REIF's Client Services Team helped to establish the needs of these first home buyers through the completion of a holistic analysis and fact find. After this was established, they were related to the Property and Finance Specialists who would best support their circumstances and be able to work cohesively with.

After further analysis, it was identified that these clients would be able to incorporate the First Home Owners Grant of $15,000 and the Federal Government Home Builder Grant of $25,000 into their purchase. They were able to acquire a property in an ideal location that was projected for strong investment opportunities.

REIF's Property Division was able to incorporate the needs of these buyers into researching the location of the property in mention. This property was located in a high-growth corridor of South East Queensland and boasted future marketability for a future investment opportunities.

First home buyers amass instant equity of $265K in two months

Incredible financial results

Due to the clients being eligible for a total of $40K in savings, they were able to use these funds as a deposit for the purchase of this property. This meant they were able to retain their original savings of $250K.

Impressed with the results that REIF were able to provide for them, within a short period of a month, the clients returned to REIF to purchase a second property, this time an investment property.

With the savings that they were originally able to retain, they purchased a duplex investment property in an area forecasted for substantial growth. This property also came prequalified for subdivision, allowing it to be split into two dwellings (drawing two incomes).

Upon settlement and the time of initial expression of interest on this property, the buyers cultivated an equity uplift of $265K upon their initial purchase price!

How to achieve similar results

Yes, that is HUGE! Though our purpose is clear and simple. We thrive off being able to assist our clients with achieving the dream of owning and building wealth through property. It was something that we were able to achieve for these clients with results that well and truly exceeded expectations. REIF have a team of experts who work with you to bolster your investment opportunities with cash flow positive investment properties.

Our consultations are obligation free and we offer a service that takes on a holistic and inclusive approach. If you simply want to see how we can help you get into a better financial position, reach out to us on the details provided.

Ph: 1300 130 932


We explore this topic on our eBook 'Guide To Buying Your First Home.' You can check it out here for free!
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