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REIF's Triple Whammy Strategy For Building Wealth

Updated: May 17, 2022

Are you a home owner looking to build wealth for your financial future?

If yes, we've got a truly epic strategy that we'd love to share with you!

This is a little something that we like to call our 'Triple Whammy Strategy.' Before we continue - yes, it's name says it all. This strategy is comprised of three techniques and it's something that we love to utilise when assisting our clients on building wealth for their financial future. It works by leveraging a home that is currently owned. We cannot wait to share it with you!

If you're currently paying off a home loan, keep reading to learn more.

Consult a REIF Finance Specialist/ Mortgage Broker

Are you aware of the cuts to interest rates that banks have been implementing over the last 12 months? If not, it could be possible that you're eligible for tens of thousands in savings towards your interest rate. REIF finance specialists can help you to evaluate the current repayments you're making to your mortgage and work with you to source a suitable rate.

With rates starting from 1 per cent, it could be possible that you're paying a rate that's two to three times higher than the average. By simply consulting with an REIF Finance Specialist, we could saving you thousands of dollars against your home loan, every year. Additionally, many lenders are offering cash back incentives for those who refinance.

Below we've outlined an example of how we were successfully able to save a client thousands on their lending.

The client in mention had $500,000 remaining on their $800,000 home loan. We were able to cut their rate by a whole 1 per cent, meaning that they save $5,000 from their home loan each year. Moreover, their lender provided them with $3,000 in cash backs. Straight up, they were able to save $8,000 by simply refinancing their mortgage.

Leverage your home equity to grow your investment property portfolio

Many people aren't aware of the power of leveraging home equity on their pursuit to real estate investing. The truth is, it makes the process of becoming a real estate investor much easier. Leveraging your equity in an investment property allows real estate investors to create passive income that can build wealth and provide for your financial future.

Leveraging your home equity is important when purchasing and investment property

Following from the scenario above, the client was in a position that allowed them to tap into their equity (up to 80 per cent) so that they could fund the purchase of an investment property. From their original property, they already incurred $300,000 in equity. The client utilised $150,000 of it to fund the purchase cost of another property. Furthermore, utilising their equity to begin their real estate investing journey.

After costs, from this one property, this client was able to make $150 per week. In a year, this property will make this client $7,800 to own. This is passive income that you can save towards your retirement and put you in a better position to build wealth for your financial future.

The incentives from buying an investment property don't stop there...

We still haven't gone into the tax incentives that you incur from your investment property at the end of the financial year. Oh yes! These are too good!

REIF finance specialists work with you to structure your investment property in a way that allows for you to generate tax benefits from your investment property each year while also producing a passive income. For each property, you can claim an additional $5,000 every year in tax benefits.

To understand the items you may be eligible to claim in tax from your investment property - check out these two articles that we prepared a while back.

When you see how you can combine the passive income from your property and the tax incentives produced from the negative gearing strategy, you can make anywhere up to $13,000 from each property per year. This can be used to pay down your loans and also provide for your financial future.

Reach Out

If you're interested in learning more about this strategy and utilising it to build wealth for your financial future, we'd love to help! REIF makes the process of real estate investing a seamless one. Reach out on the details listed below or download our free eBook to learn more about Building Wealth Through Property.

Ph: 1300 130 932

We explore this topic in our eBook 'Building Wealth Through Property.' Check it out here for FREE!

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