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How to visualise your financial goals

Updated: May 18, 2022

Just like any goal, financial goals can be achieved if you put your mind to it!

Yes, some people can visualise what they want to achieve a lot better than others. Not everyone is blessed with a creative imagination that can allow them to explore the deeper depths of their fantasies. So that's why we've created this article to support people with implementing strategies that allow for this visualisation process to unfold.

The significance of finance goals

Lets face it, nobody wants to experience financial hardship. If you could do anything to avoid it - you would. Setting financial goals provides you with security and financial freedom to live life on your own terms without the fear of scarcity.

Setting short and long term financial establishes structure that puts you one step closer to wealth creation. The more regularly that you review them, the easier they are to measure and provide you with insight as to how far off you are from accomplishing them.

How to visualise your finance goals

Vision board

The first visualisation tactic that we recommend for anyone who is having trouble with visualising any sort of goal is to create a vision board. Vision boards are a tactic used to help anyone maintain focus on any particular goal or achievement. They're essentially a board, whether digital or in front of you, filled with pictures and words that represent things that you want to accomplish.

The purpose of a vision board is to help everything you put on it manifest into your reality. The human mind reacts best to visual stimulation and this technique has been proven to assist people with achieving their goals. The images portrayed on your vision board should play on your emotions. Therefore, the more regularly you look at your board, the closer you become to achieving your goals on time or sooner.

Create a list

Wanting to achieve financial freedom sooner? Or manifest your financial goals in next month, year or 10 years? Create a list of your Top 5 Financial Goals. We would recommend following a SMART goal formula for each goal. This ensures that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. To see how to create a SMART goal, be sure to check this link.

Creating a list and regularly reviewing your financial goals will help you to build wealth for your financial future

Once you're satisfied with your goals, put your list somewhere that allows you to look at it daily and reflect. For instance; most people choose to keep lists on their fridge, toilet door or at their desk. Though, you can choose where based on a place that you believe you will be best reminded. This will act as a reminder and you can proudly tick them off as you achieve them.

Game and reward

This tactic is a fun and creative one. If you can imagine how bingo works, this is kind of similar. It works by creating a chart with however many boxes you want and for each box you write down a financial goal in it. Every time that you achieve a goal, you colour in that box and reward yourself for accomplishing it.

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