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Finance Specialists Are Always Better

Updated: May 20, 2022

For anyone who is about to experience the strenuous process of purchasing a home, we've got one piece of advice for you - consult a finance specialist!

Buying a home is stressful enough, let alone trying to understand the terminology that mortgage lenders throw your way when you're trying to purchase a suitable loan product.

REIF understands that finance is complicated. It always helps to have someone who knows that they're doing to assist you through the process of acquiring and securing the a suitable loan product deal. That's exactly where we come into play.

For the last eight years, we have been on a mission to make this process as seamless as possible for all our clients. Combined, our finance specialists have decades of experience in this industry and that's why we're renowned for what we do and our ability to assist clients from across the country.

In this blog, we're going to share why finance specialists are imperative in your journey to sourcing finance. We also share why it pays to have a finance specialist (broker) on your team, especially during the process of purchasing property.

Stella Communication

There's nothing more painful than trying to understand finance jargon than inconsistent communication between all relevant parties involved in the process of purchasing a home.

Not only do people consult finance specialists to help them make sense of terminology listed in finance clauses, but they also utilise their expertise to ensure consistent communication among all relevant parties. Finance specialists act as the point of liaison between lenders and the client. Additionally, they communicate to other relevant stakeholders, including; solicitors, agents and credit officials to ensure consistent understanding amongst everyone.

REIF finance specialists have excellent communication skills

When you're buying a house, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to communicate confusing terminology from one stakeholder to another (in regards to finance). Finance specialists eliminate that stress by doing it all for you and ensure a consistent playing field for all parties involved.

Save You Precious Time

We get it, time is precious. Finance specialists are trained to configure all the crucial paperwork that is necessary between the buyer and lender. Between the back and forth communication involved in searching for, acquiring, and securing a loan, it can take hours to complete a loan application. Therefore, when you consult with a finance specialist, they can do all this for you and save your hours of time.

Present You With Suitable Options

Finance specialists live and breathe lending. They are kept up to date with all the lenders and their existing and upcoming loan products. They also have access to a greater selection of options.

When a finance specialists consults with you as a borrower, they will identify your situation and needs. Based on how much you are required to borrow, they will then go off and source a range of different loan products that may be suitable to you based on your needs analysis.

Once this is done, you will be left with a range of options that you can choose from. The finance specialist will then present to you the features, interest rates and charges of each loan product that they identify suitable for you. Our finance specialists don't want to set you up for failure, so they will ensure that they only source the most suitable product for YOU!

REIF Finance Specialists Are Free

Another great benefit of consulting with a REIF Finance Specialist is that we do the work for you at no charge to you as the consumer. They earn their commission by charging the lender that you decide to assist you with your borrowing needs.

Are You In Need Of Finance?

If you are trying to acquire finance for a range of different needs - we can help!

In fact, REIF Finance Specialists are helping clients with more than mortgage loans. We can help you with personal lending, car loans, equipment finance, business loans, PLUS so much more. To see how we can help, refer to the contact details below. Alternatively, click the button to book an appointment with one of our finance specialists.

Ph: 1300 130 932


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