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Why buying property is becoming cheaper than renting

Updated: May 18, 2022

You'd be forgiven if you thought that it seems too good to be true. With the media talking about the increasing property prices, nationally, this statement seems pretty unbelievable, right?

Though, when you take a moment to think about how finance and the Australia property market have changed over the last 12 months, it begins to make a little more sense. Especially if you're looking into buying a house in regional locations across the country.

Whether you've been thinking about entering the market as a first home buyer or buying an investment property, there are so many incentives on offer. Thus, making it cheaper to buy than ever before! From record low mortgage repayments and grants for first home buyers, you could very well benefit from saving as much as $60 per week on buying a home than renting one.

Low mortgage rates

Since November, the Reserve Bank of Australia have maintained a record low cash rate for the Australian economy. As a response to the economic downturn experienced globally from last years pandemic, the Government have remained committed to ensuring a low cash rate to support Australians.

The banks have followed in pursuit to significantly slash interest rates. This action has made it cheaper to repay a mortgage. Here at REIF, our finance specialists have remained committed to ensuring that our clients are getting the most out of their mortgage by paying as little as possible.

With banks significantly cutting their interest rates, many Australians are paying almost half towards their mortgage than what they were four or five years ago. This is a huge incentive for many Australians looking to own a home.

Where is it cheaper to buy than rent?

While renting remains cheaper throughout inner city locations, there are instances where buying a house is actually cheaper than renting.

"Where", you may ask?

Regional locations throughout New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria are hot spots, especially for first home buyers looking to enter the property market and save from renting. Figures released in a Terry Ryder Hotspotting report indicates that throughout some of New South Wales regional locations, 87% if properties are more affordable to buy. In regional Victoria, the Shepparton regions stand at 79%.

Owning your own home offers a sense of convenience

Buying a house offers convenience

There are vast benefits to owning your own home. Whether you're looking to become a first home buyer or you're an investor, buying a house provides you with a level of convenience that you don't necessarily have as a tenant.

For instance, as a home owner you have the power to improve you asset by choosing to do what you wish with it. You are also provided with a level of security in knowing that you don't need to pack up and leave if you don't wish to.

Act now!

If you're looking to make the most out of these opportunities and want to get your foot through the door, please feel free to contact our friendly team at REIF. We are comprised of an expert team of property and finance specialists who are dedicated to assisting you with all of your finance an property needs. Our details are provided below.

Ph: 1300 130 932


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