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Who will help you when buying an investment property?

Learn more about the property investment advisers and professionals you need on your team when buying an investment property.

It’s never a one man show when it comes to buying an investment property. In fact, it takes a team of people to ensure your success when building out and implementing your wealth creation strategy. Realistically, a buyer cannot manage all the intricacies behind planning, purchasing, and managing an investment property all on their own. Unless, you know, they possess some unearthly power.

Below, we’ll explain the property investment advisers and professionals you’ll need on your team as an investor. Additionally, we’ll explain how they can help you when buying an investment property.

Professional 1: Financial planner

A financial planner plays an important role in your wealth creation strategy. They provide you with financial advice, plans, structures, and resources correlating to your long-term financial goals. Depending on your goals and existing financial situation, a financial planner may advise you on buying an investment property (or several of that matter).

Professional 2: A trusted mortgage broker/ home loan expert

A mortgage broker will help you to determine your borrowing capacity. Additionally, they’ll help you with accessing finance. This includes everything from:

  • Getting you a pre-approval

  • Navigating their panel of lenders to source suitable home loan product offerings to purchase your investment property

  • Structuring your lending commitments

  • Submitting loan applications

  • Updating you on the different stages of your home loan application

  • Negotiating with lender related stakeholders

  • Answering your questions

  • Refinancing home loans every couple of years to ensure you’re able to get the most comparable market rates

If you have a portfolio of several investment properties, they’ll help ensure your finances are adequately structured in a way that’ll allow you to achieve your financial goals, sooner.

To understand how a mortgage broker is imperative in your journey to buying an investment property, we recommend checking out this article we put together earlier.

Professional 3: An accountant for your property investment tax benefits

An accountant is another finance to have in your team of property investment advisers. Accountants help investors recoup their rightful property investment tax benefits.

Tax laws are forever evolving, and so are certain benefits. Additionally, accountants can inform you of any changes or tax charges you’ll be required to pay as an investor.

A good accountant who’s well versed in the investment space will help you to make the most of property investment tax benefits. This includes everything from interest costs, management fees, repair costs, depreciation, legal fees, and more.

Professional 4: Property specialist

A property specialist, or sales agent, is crucial for helping you to source investment properties that align with your existing financial situation and future goals. Not only do they work with a range of investment suppliers, but they’re well informed of up-and-coming investment hotspots.

This kind of property investment adviser understands property markets very well. They also answer questions or concerns you may have about the finer details of the property and its locational benefits.

Professional 5: A solicitor or conveyancer

A solicitor can help you to understand contracts
A solicitor can help you to understand contracts

If you’ve ever purchased a property before, you’d know that there are A LOT of contacts to sign. A LOT of contacts with A LOT of legal jargon. A solicitor/ conveyancer helps investors to decipher contracts and reach settlement sooner.

Getting a solicitor in your corner will give you much needed peace of mind when buying an investment property.

Professional 6: Building inspector

If you’re buying or building a brand-new investment property, it’s important to have a building inspector examine it before it gets handed over to you. A building inspector will help to ensure the property doesn’t have any structural or maintenance issues that could affect you later. Engaging their services can save you potentially thousands if not, tens of thousands on later repairs.

If you’re buying an already established investment property, you could also benefit from hiring a pest inspector to look for pest issues like termites.

Professional 7: Property manager

A property manager or rental manager facilitates the day-to-day management of your investment property. There’s a lot of risk involved when you do this yourself. A property manager is up to date with the regulations and skills surrounding:

  • Handling paperwork and collecting rental payments

  • Facilitating maintenance issues and inspections

  • Selecting tenants

  • Marketing your investment property

  • The laws and legislation around facilitating the needs of tenants and investors

To learn more about the importance of hiring a property manager to look after your investment property, click here.

Professional 8: A surveyor

A surveyor can help you make the most of property investment tax benefits. More so, a cost called depreciation. Depreciation is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If your investment property was built after the 15 September 1987, you will be able to claim depreciation at a rate of 2.5% every year over 40 years. A surveyor gets hired by a property investor to prepare their tax depreciation schedule.

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