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The Law of Attraction & Wealth Creation

Updated: May 20, 2022

Did you know that you have the power to create your own reality? If you dream of wealth, you can make that dream come true...

It sounds a bit odd, but hear us out.

The law of attraction is an incredible phenomenon based on the idea that in life we have the ability to manifest whatever it is we're focussing on into our own reality. Whether you choose to believe in the power of the universe or in positive thinking, this concept has the ability to turn our desires and thoughts into something real.

Furthermore, this concept is something that a lot of successful entrepreneurs and individuals use to establish financial independence.

Having an abundance mindset is key on your journey to wealth creation. It allows people to tap into and acknowledge that there is enough out there for everybody. When people believe there is enough, they're capable of tapping into greater opportunities which allow them to explore the possibilities of financial freedom plus so much more.

Scientific Studies

The law of attraction has been studied in scientific journals all over the world. There is some evidence to suggest that this phenomenon is in fact backed by scientific proof.

An article by Karen Hurst shared a scientific explanation for the law of attraction in a Korean journal published in 2007. The Yonsei Medical Journal listed a strong correlation between positive thinking and overall satisfaction towards life of the population studied.

Additionally, London researchers have studied the power of visualisation. In their studies, they found that people who visualise their futures could actually manifest it into actual reality. Like the law of attraction, when these people were able to visualise a mental images on a daily basis, they could manifest their images in real life.

How To Apply The Law of Attraction To Finance

Wealth creation provides people with plenty of opportunities. This is important for those seeking to fulfil an abundant life. So, it pretty much goes without saying; you can apply the ideologies surrounding the law of attraction to manifest your own financial wealth.

How the law of attraction can help you to build wealth with a positive money mindset
It's important to visualise wealth as if you've already achieved it

Though, there are some things that you need to do first.

Remember that article we shared a few months back on financial avoidance? If you're someone who avoids anything to do with finances, you must overcome this issue to attract wealth. The same goes for identifying any sort of limiting beliefs about money that you may have incurred throughout your entire existence.

Secondly, you'll want to start visualising your wealth. Though, there's a twist. You'll want to start visualising it as if you've already achieved wealth creation and your living your full financially free life. The more often you do this, the better. This is because it will begin to feel more real and you'll begin to pick up on behaviours along the way which will allow you to action these visualisations and turn them into a reality.

Though, the most important thing you can do is practice gratitude. It's also important to do this daily. This can be achieved by recognising the people and the things that you're grateful for. When it comes to wealth, it's imperative to be grateful for the abundance in your life.

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