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The Finance and Property Group Pledging Their Support To End Homelessness

Updated: May 20, 2022

Real Estate Investment Finance (REIF) are pledging their support to organisations raising awareness for Australia’s homelessness issue.

Everyone should have a roof over their heads. However, it’s an unfortunate reality that not everyone can boast this fundamental human right.

Finance and property group supporting the end to homelessness
More than 8,000 homeless Australians are sleeping rough each night

In their 2016 national census, the Australian Bureau of Statistics identified more than 116,000 homeless Australians. While the results from this year’s census haven’t yet been confirmed, it’s expected that it will reflect a much higher statistic.

Over the last eight years REIF have been doing their part to acknowledge this immense issue. The organisation was established to help people achieve the dream of owning and building wealth through property. Additionally, they’re doing their part to acknowledge those who aren’t as fortunate by raising awareness for homelessness and hunger.

More than 8000 homeless Australians are reported to be sleeping rough around the country each night. Many are left with no option but to sleep on concrete floors, park benches and in conditions that deprive them of quality sleep and dignity.

A Collective Understanding of Compassion

David Chehade, the CEO and Founder of REIF, states, “this is simply unacceptable.”

Since establishing REIF in 2013, David and his likeminded team have done their part to acknowledge this national issue. Since then, they’ve donated funds, time, and effort to bring awareness of homelessness to their diverse networks.

Over the last number of years, David himself has taken part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout Appeal. On one winter night every year, David sleeps on the cold streets of Brisbane to raise both awareness and donations for this cause. Collectively, he’s raised and donated thousands of dollars for Vinnies.

The team at REIF also reflect David’s stance on community giving. In fact, his Executive Assistant, Melissa Megano often cooks warm home cooked meals for those in need within her local community of Jimboomba.

Each month Melissa will cook up 500 of her much-loved Sicilian meatballs to give back to people. Melissa states, “kindness is key…cooking is my way of bringing people together and sharing the love.”

A Pledge to Support a Brilliant Local Endeavour

Concerned that the issue of homelessness will not improve anytime soon or could in fact worsen following the effects of Covid-19, REIF have pledged to strengthen their community efforts.

After hearing about Beddown on a local television news outlet earlier this year, REIF enquired into this non-for-profit organisation. Soon after, the finance and property group identified the need to support Beddown. Beddown have a mission to address the vulnerable homeless population who are sleeping rough each night throughout the country.

They work with other likeminded organisations to provide pop-up accommodation facilities in underutilised spaces. The aim of this is to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable place for their guests to sleep. Beddown has an aim to restore their guest’s health and dignity which in turn can provide them with the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

“We will give back to the homeless population,” says David. “Each time that REIF helps someone with purchasing a property or new loan product, we will be giving back through Beddown.”

Melissa, the spokesperson for REIF also stated, “we’re really excited to be joining forces with an incredible organisation, who we feel very aligned with in our values.”

The team at REIF meeting with Norm from Beddown
Norm from Beddown with Melissa and Claudia from REIF

Beddown have already made a difference to a great number of homeless people by offering a safe place for people to sleep, clean, and eat. Their efforts are about restoring the dignity and respect within those in need.

Speaking on behalf of Beddown, their founder, Norm McGillivray expressed his gratitude to REIF, stating, “thank you so much for your ongoing support.”

The team at REIF have also announced they will volunteer their time and services to future pop-up events. The finance and property group will help service the guests of Beddown to really get amongst the community they’re giving back to.

How You Can Get Involved

If you too would like to get involved with Beddown, they’re openly inviting likeminded individuals to support them on their mission to give back to the homeless.

Whether you’re an individual or corporation, they’re welcoming donations, fundraising initiatives, and any sort of support to help them deliver on their mission.

You can find out more on how to help by visiting to learn more about how you can make a difference.

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