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The Benefits of Investing in a Dual Living Property

Updated: Mar 9

If you've been considering investing in real estate or expanding your property portfolio, you should consider dual living properties. Dual living/ dual occupancy properties are two individual dwellings under the one residential household. For investors, a dual living property is like owning two separate homes on one block. They can also offer a higher return on investment as they have the potential to generate two rental incomes with two individual rental agreements.

The Types of Dual Living Properties

Dual living properties can either be attached to each other or they can be constructed as separate dwellings on the one block of land.

Dwellings that are attached:

- A duplex: two properties that are attached together and share common walls. They are a house that's divided into two and can be sold separately

- A dual key property: is similar to a duplex. They are still attached. Though, a dual key property is considered as a house on one side and a smaller unit on the other

Separate dwelling:

- Granny flats: are a separate dwelling on the same block of land. They are generally smaller than the main house and are located at the back of the main dwelling

Benefits of a Dual Key Property for Property Investors

If you are investing in real estate, a dual living property will generally offer a great return on investment. These properties generally provide investors a high rental return and rental yield of six to seven per cent (on average). These types of properties also increase the capital growth for investors as they are becoming popular with a growing population. If you are investing in real estate with a dual key property, you are also benefiting as you're able to diversify your property portfolio.

If you own a dual living property, for investment purposes, you are able to take advantage of certain benefits that you don't often experience with single dwelling investments. These types of properties have two different water and power meters. Though, usually, these types of properties do not incur additional costs of separate rates. There are also tax benefits and savings to stamp duty as you only have to pay the price of an individual block of land.

To learn more about dual living/ dual occupancy properties check out this video by our Founder and CEO, David Chehade:

Interested in Maximising Your Return on Investment?

Here at Real Estate Investment Finance, we are finding that these types of properties are becoming increasingly popular with our investor clients. This is primarily due to the high rental return that they have to offer. If you are looking to own a property that will offer you a great return on investment, reach out to our national team of specialists on the details listed below. We have access to over 10,000 properties across Australia that we can assist you with in order to meet your requirements.

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