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Stages of a home build

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Whether you're a first home buyer, owner-occupier or property investor, have you ever thought to yourself, "what's involved during the construction of a home build?"

Here at Real Estate Investment Finance, we specialise in new homes. What that means for our clients is that we support them through the stages of a building construction. The truth of the matter is, the process is not as complex as people may think it is. In fact, we're going to provide the nine stages of a house construction in this blog. Yes! You heard right - just NINE stages!

**Note: Depending on your builder, the progress payments for each stage will differ. Though, we will advise you before construction commences and during the construction process on how much you will be required to pay at each stage.

Stage 1: Preliminary works

Also known as pre-construction planning, preliminary works is when you work with your builder to determine and settle on the final details of your home build. During this stage you and your builder will finalise the inclusions, colours, fixtures and fittings, floor plans, electrical plans, etc. This will ensure that you're ready to sign off on these works and move on to the next stage in the construction process.

Stage 2: Deposit stage

Upon the settlement of your land, the final documents and any final deposit payments are made to your builder to begin the actual building construction. It's during this stage that final plans and documents are sent to the council for their sign-off and approval. Once the council has given the all clear and have approved these documents, you're ready to move onto the next stage...

Stage 3: Base stage

It's during this stage that excavation, pad preparation, slab construction, drain/ sewer connection and retaining walls are prepared. The base stage during a home build generally takes one to three weeks to complete. Though, as always this is a rough guide and is dependant on weather and other environmental impacts that may occur.

Stage 4: Frame stage

The frame stage of a house construction involves the installation of structural framing, utility services and windows. It's during this stage that the planning for electrical and plumbing works may occur, ready for final installation in the following stages of the building construction. On average the frame stage will take four weeks. Though, this is also dependant on the factors listed in Stage 3.

The stages of a home construction

Stage 5: Enclosed stage

Your home will look like it's starting to come together once you reach this stage in the construction process. It's a very exciting part of the home build. This is when the electrical and plumbing works that we discussed in Stage 4 will become installed. During this stage, the roof and any other external cladding comes together to literally enclose the house. Once again, this stage should take about four weeks (on average) to complete.

Stage 6 - Fixing stage

This is the stage when all the internal details are fixed within the home. These include doors, flooring, tiles, cabinetry, the kitchen, bathroom, wall plasters, skirting boards, tap wear, benchtops etc. All of these fixtures that make a house a home are installed for your living and convenience. The fixing stage can take up six weeks to complete. But, as they say, all good things take time!

Stages 7 and 8: Practical completion inspection stage and maintenance and defects

This is the stage that you've probably been waiting for. When you get to see your house. During the practical completion stage, the builder will take you through all sections of the house for you to inspect. When you are inspecting the house, you will need to ensure that the fixtures and fittings that you specified are there and they're in the right spot. You should also look for any defaults or defects that the builder will need to correct before the property becomes yours. They will be listed for you to sign off on, in order for the builder to go back and correct. On average, this stage can take up to two weeks to complete and to be corrected. Though it can take longer depending on the certain trades and environmental impacts.

Stage 9: Handover

Once the final payment is made for your home build, the builder will then hand your keys over to you. You can now do what ever you wish to do with your home as the construction process is complete. This is an exciting stage as you can celebrate the fact that all your hard work has paid off!

Interested to learn more?

If you are interested in building your own home, whether it be for owner-occupier or investment purposes, we would love to help! We work with a range of builders across the country who specialise in full turnkey fixed price packages. This means that you don't have to pay for any additional costs with your home. For a free consultation to learn about how we can assist you, please reach out to us on the details listed below.

Ph: 1300 130 932


We explore this topic on our eBook 'Guide To Buying Your First Home.' You can check it out here for free!
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Jul 21, 2021

Thanks for the article. The content will help me when communicating with my own potential clients. I am a builder in Sunshine Coast

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