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Now's The Time To Become A Real Estate Investor

Updated: Mar 9

Have you considered becoming a property investor or expanding your property portfolio? We'll we have some news for you - NOW is the perfect time to do that! Property researchers and experts predict that 2021 may be the year for investors to make the most of the market and current climate trends. From record-low vacancy rates to tight housing markets across the country, we will explain to you why now is the time for buying property as an investor!

Overall, positivity is high for property investors due to the current stimulus measures and market activity. In a ME Property Sentiment Report, the positivity for investors increased by 15 per cent for the last quarter of 2020. Keep reading to see why current investors and property experts have a positive outlook for the property market.

Record-Low Vacancy Rates

Across most locations throughout Australia, average vacancy rates are at an all time low. In fact, experts have stated that 1% vacancy rates "have become the norm." This is especially true for locations such as Perth, Hobart and Adelaide. Brisbane's average is only marginally higher, though regional centres around Brisbane are seeing vacancy rates lower than 1%.

Experts state that vacancy rates are so low that there is a rental crisis in many locations across Australia. With this, rental prices are increasing and tenants are becoming more inclined to pay these increased costs as they're eager to find somewhere to live. In Queensland the market for rental properties is particularly tight as there's currently a lot of interstate migration, post pandemic restrictions. Brisbane is becoming a popular city to live in due to it's liveability and affordability. Furthermore, making it the ideal location to own an investment property.

Record-Low Interest Rates

Interest rates in Australia are currently at the lowest we've seen them. Some lenders are currently offering home loan rates from just 1.89%, making it easier to pay off your mortgage. These rates are also expected to stay low for a while. In a cash rate announcement on February by the Reserve Bank of Australia, it was announced that the cash rate was going to remain at 0.10%. The RBA also announced that they were not expecting this rate to increase for another three years, further supporting the economy. This in turn will also continue to support property buyers as it has over the last year.

Wanting To Take That Next Step?

Are you wanting to take that next step as a property investor or to expand your existing portfolio? Well, here at REIF we are property investment experts that strive to assist clients in owning and building wealth through property. We will hold your hand from the beginning to end process of investing in property. With access to over 10,000 properties nationally, we will be sure to find the perfect investment for you. As an investor, you will also have peace of mind knowing that we will source and structure your home loan to ensure that it fits your current situation.

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