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Valuable tips for moving home

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Are you in the process of buying property to move into? Check out our helpful relocation tips.

Buying property to move into is a stressful time. When it comes to considering what you need to do before or during the relocation process it’s important to be well-prepared and organised.

At REIF we support clients who are building a new home to move into, regularly. Especially first home buyers. Below, we'll be sharing some considerations that people should be aware of when buying property to move into. Additionally, we'll share a checklist that can help you with alleviating the stress process.

More information and support

Things to be aware of


When moving home you'll need to consider organising utilities and services. It’s usually best to organise this a few weeks before moving in. Utility services that you’ll want to arrange for the relocation of your new home include:

  • Electricity

  • Heating

  • Gas

  • Phone/ reception

  • Internet/ nBN

  • Water

Depending on where you’re buying property, some companies might allow you to simply transfer your services over. This helps to eliminate the hassle of finding new providers. It always helps to review utility providers to find the most suitable rates and bundles that'll accommodate for your living arrangements and household.

Change of address

This is something you’ll want to do as soon as possible. Changing your address details during the process of relocation will ensure the occupiers of your current property aren’t receiving your mail. Furthermore, your mail will be going to your new address.

When relocating it's important to change your address details
When relocating it's important to change your address details

When changing your address details when you buy a house, write down all the companies or organisations that usually send you mail. Then call up or change your details online to ensure your mail goes to the correct address.

You might need to change your address details with the following entities:

  • myGov or relevant Government agencies

  • Taxation offices

  • Insurance, finance, superannuation, and bank providers

  • The electoral roll

  • Your employer

  • Car and registration provider

  • Subscription services

Insurance and taking photos of valuable items

When moving home it's highly recommended you notify your insurance provider or organise insurance. Whether you're building a new home to move into or buying a house, insurance will safeguard you against damage, theft, or weather events.

Other insurance policies that you may wish to consider when you buy a house include:

  • Mortgage payment protection insurance

  • Life insurance

Additionally, with your home and contents insurance, it's important to take photos of valuable items. In the instance of theft or damage, if you can prove you owned valuable items and assets it'll become a smoother process for insurance providers to reimburse you for those lost items.

Gathering information

You'll want to make transporting important documents a priority when relocating. They should be organised and transported carefully as they're often difficult to replace.

Examples of such documents include:

  • Birth certificates

  • Medical records

  • Insurance policies

  • Bank statements

Check security and other systems

As soon as you receive the keys to your new home it should be a priority to check security and other systems around the house. This'll ensure they’re working and can protect yourself and other household members. Such security includes installed systems, locks, screens, smoke alarms, etc.

If you identify they aren’t working or up to the standard you like, you get them fixed or replaced immediately. Doing so will give you peace of mind.


Download your free moving home checklist here:

REIF Moving Home Checklist
Download PDF • 144KB

More information and support

To learn more about building a new home or investing in real estate we're happy to help! REIF are supporting a vast range of home buyers for a variety of purchasing reasons. Feel free to contact us on the details below.

Ph: 1300 130 932


Additionally, for more information around buying your first home, download our free 'Guide to Buying Your First Home' eBook below.

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