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Signs you're positively transforming your relationship with money

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Discover more about what a healthy money relationship looks like and learn our tips for elevating your financial abundance mindset.

Transforming your relationship with money can impact your long-term wealth creation goals. At REIF we regularly discuss the importance of improving your money relationship and working towards developing an abundance mindset. Ultimately, you hold the power of manifesting your beliefs into reality. Thus, the more positive they are the greater the outcome.

Last year we shared a blog on what a healthy money mindset is. You can access it here. While that blog explored strategies to improve your money mindset, in this blog we’re going to explain what a healthy money relationship looks like in your day-to-day life. We’ll also briefly recap on the strategies from our prior writings and share some resources to explore when on your pursuit to transforming your relationship with money.

We'll be sharing the signs you're transforming your relationship with money.jpeg
We'll be sharing the signs you're transforming your relationship with money

What does a healthy money relationship look like?

You’re able to talk about finance

One of the sure-fire signs that you’ve been able to improve your financial abundance is that you’re able to have discussions about money. This is important for taking control of your finances implementing strategies to grow it.

If you’re comfortable to talk to finance experts such as brokers or financial planners, or even your loved ones about your wealth, that’s a good sign you’re improving your transforming your relationship with money.

You view money as a tool

When you have an abundance mindset, you can easily view money as nothing more than a tool. As Eden Ashley explains in her article about healthy money relationships, when you have a good relationship with money you’re able to view it as a tool to achieve your goal. The biggest takeaway from this point is remembering that money is not the end goal. It’s instead used to achieve it.

Money doesn’t confuse you

When transforming your relationship with money into a positive one, you’ll begin to feel less confused with your finances. This is a result of being receptive to the learnings surrounding financial literacy. When money doesn’t confuse you, you can see the bigger picture and understand learnings around how you can increase your financial position.

Other signs that you’re positively changing your money relationship

While a positive money relationship looks different for everyone, below are some common signs to look out for:

  • You’re developing an abundance mindset and know that there’s plenty of wealth to go around

  • You’re able to effectively manage your level of debt

  • You can enjoy your money when you spend it. You don’t feel negative emotions attached to spending

  • You can establish a savings nest

  • You’re able to plan and implement good budget and saving tools

Quick strategies for transforming your relationship with money

When improving your money relationship, you should view it as a tool
When improving your money relationship, you should view it as a tool

We shared four big strategies for creating a healthy money mindset in the blog we mentioned earlier. You can access it in full here. To recap, our biggest tips for improving your money relationship and financial abundance, were:

  1. Forgetting about your past finance mistakes and negative experiences around money

  2. Learning to live below your means. This is good for improving your abundance mindset, as well

  3. Develop a neutral relationship with money. At the end of the day money is only a tool

  4. Create big goals. Don’t let money be the goal, but let it be the tool to let you achieve your lifestyle goals

Other ways to elevate your wealth abundance mindset and improve financial abundance for your life:

More resources on improving your money relationship

Discover more of our resources on improving your wealth abundance mindset in the links provided, below.

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