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Put an end to money blocks

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Learn about financial abundance and how you can put an end to common money blocks.

Achieving financial abundance is something that many wish to attain on their journey towards financial freedom. However, if you're someone that's held back by limiting beliefs surrounding money and wealth, you cannot achieve this goal without identifying the blocks and moving past them.

Money blocks are detrimental for feeling at peace with your financial wealth. They're often rooted so far within our mindsets, and are usually established in the early years of our lives. They can go on to affect our confidence around money, how it's spent, and how deserving we are of it.

In this blog we're going to identify some common money blocks that can limit people from building wealth. Additionally, we'll share strategies to help you eliminate these blocks. After all, it's important to note that while money blocks are deep-rooted within our subconscious, they can be removed.

The lack mentality

The lack mentality is one of the most common blocks that you have to overcome if you wish to develop financial abundance. Essentially, this block causes people to think that there's not enough wealth in the world or that they're not good enough.

Some ways that you can overcome this mentality is by trying to focus your energy on the positive outcomes around attaining wealth. On top of that, changing your internal monologue around money can help to shift these blocks.

Another strategy to help you overcome the lack mentality is through budgeting. When you don't track your money it's easy to feel disheartened when you don't see your wealth grow. Budgeting can change that.

Not being good with money

This is a common money block that stands in the way of people achieving financial abundance. Many psychologists believe that this mentality is stemmed from your early development years. Perhaps maths wasn't your strong point or you made a decision that had negative consequences on your financials. Feeling as though you're not good with managing money can stop you from attracting it.

Practicing gratitude can help you achieve financial abundance
Practicing gratitude can help you achieve financial abundance

While you cannot change this attitude overnight, you can slowly eliminate it and form positive attitudes. Checking your bank balance and paying attention to what enters and exits your bank account are the first steps to building a better relationship with money. You should also try to focus on practicing gratitude.

Overtime, these small actions will help eliminate this money block.

Give more than you receive

Are you one of those people who believe that it's better to give money, rather than receive it?

While it's good to have generous values, having an abundance mindset is about giving as much as you receive. Those who hold this mentality believe that their worth is measured by what they give to others and forget to look after their own financial needs.

To shift this block and accept that it's okay to give AND receive, you can take small actions such as accepting the compliments of others. The Hypnosis Training Academy states, "Despite the mind's protestations of the gift, practice accepting. No matter what your normal response might be, practice smiling and saying thank you and feel the compliment land..."

The guilty mindset

The guilty mindset derives from the lack mentality. Those who hold this money block often hold a negative judgement of people who have an accumulation of wealth. They associate wealth with a lack of ethics and greed. Over time this builds up resentment in an individual and limits their ability to accept wealth coming to therm.

To overcome this block, it takes a lot of practice and time. To do so, you should start to recognise and value your skills and think about how it's adding value towards another. Therefore, the money you receive is of value to you and acts as an exchange.

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