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David Chehade; the man at the helm or the man on a mission?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

For those who've followed the journey of Real Estate Investment Finance (REIF) for a while, you'd know that we're a unique finance and property group with a purpose to help others achieve the dream of owning and building wealth through property.

The finance and property industry has a rap for being tumultuous, though the thing that separates REIF from similar businesses is the genuine level of care that's demonstrated with each client they encounter. REIF's drive to help people has been engrained in it’s been identity since its inception with David Chehade in 2013.

Inspired from a young age

David's father was able to achieve financial freedom at the early age of 33. From a young age, David was determined to do the same.

When discussing the inspiration to follow in the footsteps of his father; David has said, “that as a young person, I always wondered why is it that my father is able to stop working and have the ability to do what it is he wants to do at that age; while some people are stuck in the cycle of working right up to the age of 70 and live off the pension."

This led to him studying a Bachelor of Commerce and majoring in Finance, Accounting, and Financial Planning. At the age of 19 and while studying, David bought his first home. He soon obtained his Real Estate License and grew an extensive property portfolio.

As he grew his portfolio and established REIF, he was able to follow in his father’s footsteps. "At the age of 33, I too was able to achieve financial freedom."

David instantly identified an importance to help others achieve similar results.

Growing a vision

Over the last eight years David has grown REIF into a national endeavour comprised of likeminded individuals who're dedicated to assist clients throughout Australia. Combined, the organisation boasts 100 years of industry knowledge in finance and property. This allows them to deliver on and exceed the expectations of every client that they work with.

REIF are recognised as one of the Top 11 Brokerages with nMB. They've also been finalists and winners for numerous finance and property related awards. Some of their most noted accolades include Best Newcomer, Best Branded Office, Wellness Advocate Office of The Year, Best Mentor, and Executive Assistant of The Year.

While David recognises his close-knit team for the success they've achieved, the team at REIF accredit his encouragement and support that allow them to thrive.

David encourages his REIF family to be the best that they can be
David encourages his team to be the best they can be

Speaking about David's role in her growth journey, David's EA, Melissa Megano states, "The growth I've amassed with the support and empowerment from David Chehade has been phenomenal and I'm forever grateful for his superb leadership."

A role model entrepreneur

Not only does David encourage his team to be the best that they can be, but he also exemplifies great morals to this close-knit 'family'. While his organisation is in the business to help people create wealth, he does not fail to recognise those less fortunate within the community.

When discussing the core values of his organisation, the number one principle they identify with is that "we give back". One demographic that they're passionate about supporting is the homeless population. For several years David's participated in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout Appeal.

As of October 2021, he's encouraged his team to get on board to support the homeless. For every property and finance deal they achieve for a client, a proportion of funds will be donated to Beddown. David has stated that "every time that REIF helps someone with purchasing a property or new loan product, we will be giving back..."

Additionally, David and REIF will volunteer their time to future Beddown pop-up facilities to provide a safe and comfortable space for the homeless people of Brisbane to sleep.

David is also not afraid to get in and support his multifaceted team. He does whatever it is that needs to be done to help his team achieve great results and grow with his vision. One of REIF’s team members, Eliza, has stated, "David really exemplifies a family-like culture for his workplace and always leads by example."

Whether it is that David is the man at the helm or the man on a mission; one can not argue that he exemplifies extraordinary leaderships skills and has a genuine interest to help people!

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